Rodenbach Gift Set

Rodenbach Gift Set

An amazing set of Rodenbach beers, complete with branded stemmed glass. 

Oak aged Flemish red ale, fruity, but with a sour finish. A Moorcock favourite- a frequent pairing with all manner of dishes. They pair well with savoury dishes that have sweet elements, chicken liver parfait, meat and cheese. 


Four beautiful Flemish beers from the Roeselare brewery of Rodenbach. The Grand Cru and the Vintage are both aged in oak barrels, the Grand Cru is younger, fresher and more sharp, while the vintage is slightly fuller, more mellow, but still with characteristic acidity. The Caractere Rouge is softened with cranberries and raspberries, while the Alexander is Rodenbach Grand Cru with cherries. 


A perfect set!