Mushroom Foraging Hamper

Mushroom Foraging Hamper

A complete set for the budding mushroom hunter! 

Please note that these are ready to dispatch from Wednesday 10th December, but feel free to place your order now!


Set includes:

1 x Book- 'Mushrooms', by Roger Philips... Pretty much seen as the mushroom idenitifcation book

1 x Opinel knife (also the brand of foraging knife)

1 x Firm cleaning brush (so that you can carry your haul home minus debris, cleaning on site is always a good idea!)

1 x willow trug basket. Dimensions are 57 × 29 × 11 cm. The perfect shape for ensuring that your finds don't become damaged on your walk. 


The necessary disclaimer must be included. Please, please never eat anything of which you aren't 100% sure of the identification. Many mushrooms that you find and harvest in the beginning will be taken home simply to sit down and read about and attempt identification- most won't go near a pan! There are some that have few or no poisonous lookalikes and the book will give you plenty of detail about these!